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Phillipe Verhoeven
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philippe verhoeven


2002 - 2024financial consultative services bvba

Managing Director – Owner
The company was created upon request of clients after Prudential Bache decided to close all the European continental offices.
The company provides general trade recommendations to institutional clients who are hedging their physical stocks on the futures markets in London and N.Y. in the energy sector, the soft commodities markets and the currencies markets and the accounts are opened at UK depositaries and clearing members with international reputation and who are member of the F.S.A.

1984 - 2003prudential bache int’l ltd. - lehman brothers – shearson – e.f.hutton in brussels.

Senior Vice President Intl.
The office was taken over by different American brokers between 1984 and 2002. Traditional broker & trading services in equities, bonds, futures & foreign exchange.
Futures markets : specialized in energy markets, coffee markets and currencies.
Equities markets : Asset gathering of High Net Worth individuals, wealthy private clients and pension funds.
Sales and marketing of proprietary, third party Portfolio managers and third party Mutual funds.

1983 - 1984rausher, pierce, refsnes inc. dallas texas, u.s.a.

Account executive in futures markets

1980 - 1983n.v. sca s.a. antwerp, belgium.

Trader of physical coffee.
Several months of experience in various African countries.

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